Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online Casinos

There are a large number of online casinos available on the internet. You just have to search it out on Google or Yahoo , hundreds of results will come in a second and you can choose any one of them to play the game of your choice. Online gambling has been a big boom in USA. The largest number of gamblers are from USA and so does most of the professional players in poker and blackjack. Online gambling business earn a large amount of revenue from US players than players from any other country. This is because of the fact that they have got money to play with. Online casinos have every type of game that is available in live casino with addition of some other games like video poker etc.

Games offered by online casinos :

There are many games offered by online casinos like:
Online roulette
Video poker
All of these games are very interesting but poker and Blackjack are the most famous one. There are professional players involved in poker and regular tournaments like WSOP and WPT added more fame to this game. Slots and Roulette are the most interesting one as these games are driven mostly by luck rather than anything else. In USA pokerstars and fulltilt are the two top online poker sites. A lot of professional players play at these sites so you can also learn new tricks while playing on same platform that they are using.

Best online casinos in USA :

The best online casinos in America are:

Millionaire casino
Rushmore Casino
Online Vegas
English harbour
Cherry Red Casino
Bodog Casino
All Stars Slots
Sloto Cash
Go Casino

The one thing that every player in a casino is that it should be legal to operate in his/her state and it should be reliable. The cashouts and deposits should be through safe transaction channel and in any case there is a problem the customer care should be available 24/7.

Bonuses offered by casinos :

Every casino offers different but attractive bunuses in order to bring more and more users(players). Here is an overview of the bonuses offered by top three casinos, Millionare casino offers $5000 bonus on first three deposits, Rushmore Casino offers free welcome bonus of $888 to its users. And English harbour casino is offering a bonus of upto $800 on first four deposits. These bonus offers keeps on changing periodically to keep the users interested.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Slot Machine Strategies

Undoubtedly slot machines are the most famous of all casino games, Slot machines are played at almost every single casino around the world. Also known as fruit machine in British English and as poker machine in Australian English, slots are easy to play with. They don't have any complex rules involved with it , unlike the game of poker or blackjack. In other words even your granny can have great fun with slots because anybody can play and even win on his/her day.

This could be one of the reasons that why every casino have slots machines in it. Adding to the fact is that, casinos earn about 70% of their money through slot machines. Most of the money comes from problem gamblers(addicted to gambling) or casual gamblers( ones looking for pure fun). These slot machines or "one arm bandits" are very unpredictable and yet people are attracted towards them.

Slot machines consists of 3 or 5 reels and one liver on it's side although some also have a button on the front to spin the slots. But people likes to spin it by liver instead of button. First you have to inserts money or coin into it then only you will be able to spin the slots.

Strategy to look for in slot machines :

These slot machines are considered to be money makers for casinos as there are very few people that understands this game and apply any strategies to it. The biggest one that I've seen is when someone hit a jackpot on a machine the other player will not choose that machine to play, just because it hit a jackpot recently. People think that it's not going to happen again as the chances of hitting a jackpot are so less on a particular machine.
Well let me tell you something they are "Wrong".

This is where something called as “Probability” comes in and plays an important role. All the slot machines are random they are not fixed. For example if you flip a coin there are 1 out of 2 chances of getting a tails independent of previous flip. Same thing works for the slot machines a machine has same chances of hitting a jackpot again even if it just hit it recently or a month ago.

Playing while you are drunk is the biggest mistake that people do while gambling. Drinking while playing a casino game doesn't help you in any way as it destroys your decision making power deeply.

You should always know when to quit and when to continue. Always set your targets regarding money that how much money you are going to play with this is called money management. A very important aspect of gambling whether it be roulette, blackjack or poker.

Play the game and try to enjoy it, don't play with your pride like when you loose too much quitting is a good option.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gambling Addiction

Of course everyone seek quick money, because 'with money comes power and fame'. Now a days the trend of gambling has become a popular mode amongst people who are rich and also amongst the ones who want to be. We can look at the professional poker players and professional gamblers they are completely into gambling and make their living out of it. But the point is that they are not addicted to gambling. Like, when they see that they are not winning they will simply quit. They have the patience and skills to survive and win in this ruthless world.

By addiction we mean a continuous involvement in an activity, so gambling addiction is self defined by itself. Like they say addiction is never good because then you start paying more attention to it than your regular life activities.

Symptoms of gambling addiction:

Most of the people don't even know that they are addicted to gambling, So how would one know whether he/she is addicted to gambling or not? There are some symptoms that will help you find the answers to this question...
  • First one is continuously gambling and having trouble in controlling yourself.
  • Second and most common one is feeling a desperate urge to gamble even when you don't have any money to gamble.
  • The last one is when your friends and family are worried about your continuous involvement in gambling.
Effects of gambling addiction:

  • Very first effect of gambling is that it will start interfering with your daily routine work. For example a person who is addicted to gambling will not be able to maintain his regular ism and punctuality in office absenteeism will become a problem for him.
  • Secondly and most importantly it deeply effects financial condition because gambling is only related to money nothing else.
  • The other very bad effect of gambling that is it creates family problems. The person involved in gambling starts ignoring the daily duties toward his spouse, parents and even children.
  • These are the major problems that gamblers do face in their life as a result of their addiction to gambling. But one should not loose hope that this addiction can't be cured. It can be treated very successfully you just need to have the will power to continue with the treatment.
Gambling addiction treatment:

  • The addict should be supported by family and friends. Means that the family and friends should try and listen to his her problems and show him that they do care about what he is going through.
  • Addicts can take part in group sessions in which they can let their emotions and feelings out and feel free for sometime, by sharing their problems with other people who are going through the same phase.
  • The other method is to have some therapy sessions arranged for the gambling addicts. All these methods can make their lives full of happiness and joy once again.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How to become a professional gambler

Few years back gambling was just meant for fun and only fun. Nobody had imagined that one day we will hear someone saying “My Name’s Phil Ivey and I’m a Professional Gambler”.
Due to quick and easy money along with the fun element involved, gambling has gained immense popularity which has led to many people trying to get into professional gambling.
Lets be straight, is it that much easy to be a professional gambler and win money just by playing casino games?
Can gambling be taken seriously as a career option? These are obvious questions which might appear tough to answer.Then suddenly some names struck in my mind like, Tom Durr, Phil Ivey, J. R. Miller , the Great old Doyle Brunsun and many more. They have been profitable gamblers throughout their lives. They have proved that the term “professional gambler” is feasible and gambling is their full time job. The amount of money that they posses is whopping but one must not be lustful until he looks at the reality.

Now the question that arise in everyone's mind would be "How to become a professional gambler?"

If you want to become a professional gambler always keep in mind a few things :

Self Realization
If you want to live on gambling, you need to realize inside your mind that now gambling is no longer a hobby for you. It is a profession and you need to earn an acceptable amount during a particular amount of time, be it in months, in quarter or in weeks. In short you must have a clear cut idea in your mind that how much you will earn after investing your precious time and money.

Real and confident
Secondly, the confidence level must be ever increasing but at the same time you have to be real.
Professional gambler never bet if they feel that the odds are against them. They are very calculative and only bet if they feel they have good chances of winning as they say "The smarter you play, the luckier you'll be." He must have a wide range of tried and tested strategies which he can implement when required along with an ability to take quick decisions.

Make your opponent fear
Once you started playing with good professional players then it is just a matter of time when you will make your own reputation among the fraternity. Getting this reputation is the hardest thing to achieve when trying to be a professional player. But once you have reached that spot, your opponents will be scared from you. Now you just need to play with their mind, even if they are in a better position they will always fear that you might suddenly rise up. This is a great assent to have,a psychological advantage.

Take control of your emotions
Many players that are new and want to become professional players play with the flow or in other words, they play with emotions. Can you afford to do this? A big no.
If you have skills, strategies and a calculative mind, then why would you allow your heart to interfere in the game. A good player never let his/her emotions to take over mind because you don't want to reveal your weakness to your opponent. In emotion you might play more than your limits and loose all your money. A good player always know when to leave the game and when not to.

Luck Factor
Sometimes the luck is on your side and you start winning a lot of money but always keep in mind that this is gambling nothing is certain. Even your luck is not going to favor you all the times.
A good player is a very nice opportunist it means they cash on to every opportunity that they find to win a game.

Blackjack and poker have the maximum number of professional players. Now in these games one should have a good knowledge of maths because the house edge can be minimized in these games using simple strategies which involves use of basic maths.

Play sober
Professional gambler should not drink or use drugs because it will eventually effect his decision making power, which is the most important thing in gambling. So always be careful about your diet and health.

These points will help you in becoming a good professional player but you need to have that ability to gamble because gambling is all about taking chances and not everybody can do it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Online Craps And How To Play Them

What is Online Craps?

Craps ! The first time anyone who listen to this word can't even think that it's a casino game. Craps is a very famous game played with the help of a dice and most simple of all the casino games. Craps is basically of two types street craps (players against each other), casino craps ( players play against a casino). Street craps don't need any special equipment as it is played between players.
In every casino it's very easy to find a craps table you just have to follow the screens and cheers. It's very simple to play as it doesn't require any rocket science to understand this game. A dice is thrown and bet is made on the outcome. Dice is having six faces numbered 1 to 6. This game doesn't require extra equipment, it requires just a dice and a crap table.
There are different types of bets involved in online craps like Pass line bet, Don't pass line bet, Pass odds, Don't pass odds, Come bet and Don't come bet.

How to play online craps?

  • The rules and regulations of this game are pretty simple. The game starts with a player rolling the dice , the player rolling the dice is called "shooter". The other players bet on the shooters roll and the player who bets correct wins the game and money.
  • The game of craps is played in rounds, every player has his turn to roll the dice and turn rotates in clockwise direction. It depends on the players whether he wants to become a shooter or not. Shooter is provided many dices and he has to choose 2 out of them.
  • Every round in craps consists of two phases "point" & "come out". In the beginning of the round shooter makes a "come out" roll. Round will end with a come out roll of 2, 3 and 12 and all the players will loose their pass line bets, but if the come out roll is of 7 or 11 the players will win. Shooter stops making come out rolls until he gets 4,5 ,6,8,9 or 10, out of these a number becomes the "point".
  • Second phase begins after the dealer moves "on" button to the point button. If a point number is rolled result is a win, And if it's a pass line bet i.e a 7 then it's a loss and the round ends.


  • The shooter must roll with one hand in order to keep the game fair.
  • The dice must hit the far walls of the table just to prevent any controlled shots.
  • Shooter will have to choose another dice in case the previous one leaves the table.